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Kanady Chiropractic grows with Spenard

Kanady Chiropractic grows with Spenard

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Throughout the years, a lot has changed about Spenard. Tim and Lynn Kanady, owners of Kanady Chiropractic, have seen that change unfold outside their shop’s doors, on the corner of Fireweed Lane and Spenard Road. The couple will celebrate their businesses’ 30th anniversary in August.

Both Tim and Lynn grew up in Alaska before getting married. Even though they don’t live in Spenard, they’ve been in the neighborhood for a lot of life-changing events. Their wedding reception was in Spenard, at the old Millennium Hotel, and one of their first apartments together was in the building above their business.

On August 21, 1988, the day before the Kanady’s opened their shop, their first child was born and from there the business and their family grew.

Tim works as the main chiropractor, while Lynn much of the administrative work. Their daughter, Paige, also works at Kanady Chiropractic as a special projects administrator.

Both Tim and Lynn say Spenard was a different place in 1988.

“When we first opened up here, Spenard was still kind of the wild, wild west,” Tim said.

“Fireweed [Lane] was old Alaska, we had Junior Town and McKay’s Hardware, and they’re all gone now,” Lynn added.

What used to be a corner well-known for prostitution and drugs has turned into an area in the neighborhood with other local businesses, like Pack Rat Antiques, Ray’s Place, The Printer and Hulin Alaskan Design.

Through the decades, the Kanady’s have been forming relationships with those businesses. In 2001, when Bear Tooth opened down the street, they said they ate lunch there every day. Their favorite waiter was Bret Connor. Connor would later open up Hulin Alaskan Design, a screenprinting business just across the street from the Kanaday’s chiropractor practice. Connor even helped create Kanady Chiropractic team T-shirts.

The Kanady’s say they can’t imagine doing business anywhere other than Spenard.

“We wouldn’t want to go anywhere else,” Lynn said. “We love the neighborhood. We love everything about the area.”

Tim said they have had their biggest year yet at the practice, and are due for celebration.

The couple is hosting an anniversary bash for their business and the neighborhood August 2.


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