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‘Life Enlightened’ brightens up Spenard

‘Life Enlightened’ brightens up Spenard

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Photos by Young Kim

801A5854A new mural is up in Spenard, spanning 60 feet across the side of Enlighten Alaska, a cannabis retail store. The painting features silhouettes of life-size creatures including a killer whale, flamingo and elephant, to name a few. The mural is titled, “Life Enlightened.”

Taylor Gallegos, a California-based artist, visited Alaska this summer with Wasteland Hop, a band from Fort Collins, Colorado. Gallegos accompanies Wasteland Hop on their tours and paints live during their shows.

Gallegos was connected to Mickey Kenney, the lead emcee of Wasteland Hop several years ago. The band has toured a lot in the state with Mickey being from Alaska.

Before Gallegos came to Anchorage, he connected with Enlighten Alaska. During his time here, Enlighten treated him “like family.”

“The women at [So Thai] next door fed me a few times. People were driving by and shouting positive things all day long,” Gallegos said.

“People were stoked and it was just a really great vibe all the way through. I’m really happy to have been able to add a little color to Spenard,” Gallegos added.

More of Gallegos’ work can be seen on his Instagram, @tgfineart.

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