Remembering 1964

The Great Alaskan Earthquake, or Good Friday Earthquake of 1964 occurred on March 27 at 5:36 p.m.  and caused 139 known deaths. The earthquake was just 16 miles deep and caused  approximately $311 million in damage. With a magnitude of 9.2, it was the most powerful in North American history and the second most powerful [...]

Thirsty in Spenard with The Fermented Alaskan

Carissa Pearce is an Anchorage born and raised Alaskan who adds a unique twist to her cocktails. Foraging for her own ingredients to use in bitters, shrubs, amari, liqueurs and tinctures, Pearce skips the store bought goods when she can for a fresher, healthier taste. Her cocktail recipes have gained international recognition and she shares [...]