Ghosts of Spenard

Route 33 The building that most recently housed Route 33, was most notably home to the Fly by Night Club. Originally built in the 1950s as a hardware store, Mr. Whitekeys’ Fly By Night Club became popular for his “Whale Fat Follies” and “Christmas in Spenard” shows. The club operated for over 26 years and [...]

Shook in Spenard

54 years ago today, Sylvia Butcher was enjoying an after dinner coffee with her husband, David Butcher. The earth began to tremble and shake; leaving the couple to run out of their newly built Spenard apartment for their lives. The Good Friday earthquake in 1964 was a 9.2 on the Richter scale, the largest earthquake [...]

Historic Carousel Lounge may see revival

The Carousel Lounge, one of Spenard’s most iconic bars, may see a revival. Paul Berger, a determined Anchorage businessman wants to bring a neighborhood-oriented bar to the vacant building, called the Bar on Spenard. "I would really love to have people just walk over," Berger said. “Neighborhood guys and gals. I want to really focus [...]


Ylli Ferati has been bartending for nine years, the last six years of which have been spent full time at Fiori D'Italia, his family's restaurant. "I grew up in the restaurant world," Ferati said. Ferati's grandfather first came to Anchorage to work on the slope. On his off shifts, he helped run Today's Pizza, along [...]


Nick Carpenter wants to say thank you to Spenard. The first time Carpenter came to Alaska was in 2009. He followed the path of his brother, who was working in the summer fishing industry. Carpenter, who is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, quickly fell for the midnight sun. As the amazement of summertime sunshine waned into [...]