Ylli Ferati has been bartending for nine years, the last six years of which have been spent full time at Fiori D'Italia, his family's restaurant. "I grew up in the restaurant world," Ferati said. Ferati's grandfather first came to Anchorage to work on the slope. On his off shifts, he helped run Today's Pizza, along [...]


Nick Carpenter wants to say thank you to Spenard. The first time Carpenter came to Alaska was in 2009. He followed the path of his brother, who was working in the summer fishing industry. Carpenter, who is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, quickly fell for the midnight sun. As the amazement of summertime sunshine waned into [...]


I inherited my taste for good wine and my love for photography from my grandfather, David Butcher. I was also lucky enough to inherit his stories and his history. Over a year and a half ago I moved in with my grandparents, into the house he built, next to my great-grandparent's homestead and into the [...]


Michelle Wilber has been a member of the Spenard community since 2008. “I really found that the downtown/midtown/Spenard area was sort of the center of the universe for me,” Wilber said. Wilber grew up in Anchorage and left for college, but moved back to the state after getting her degree in physics from Caltech Institute [...]


By Victoria Petersen With about $150 to her name, 21-year-old Stephanie Johnson flew to Alaska from Denver on a one way ticket. It was the summer of 2001. "I did the classic 21-year-old thing where I moved here with no money and no plan," Johnson said. Arriving in July of that year, Stephanie began working [...]


By Victoria Petersen You may recognize Duke Russell's paintings if you've ever eaten at Spenard Roadhouse or perused Dos Manos. His work reflects the neighborhood of Spenard and beyond. "Even though we get the reputation of having prostitutes and nightclubs, Spenard divorce and all that, I want to correct that attitude and find beauty in [...]